Samba Peanut Butter

SAMBA Foods sorts, fries and mills peanuts into fine quality Peanut Butter Paste as a component (intermediary product) for the production of Choc Delight by CPC.

Roasted Groundnuts

The Company grades, sorts and roasts peanuts for further production into chocolate pebbles.

Pepper (Shito) Sauce

SAMBA Shito in jars is the very first product SAMBA Foods, started by founder Mrs. Leticia Osafo-Addo back in 1993. SAMBA Shito comes in 3 different sizes 350grams, 450grams and 650grams. SAMBA Shito has since become a market favourite.

Other products which the company seeks to introduce in the future include the following:

Egushie Powder

Dry melon seeds that are sorted milled and packed.

Shrimp Powder

Dried milled shrimp powder used as an ingredient for making pepper sauce and gravy.

Drinks and Juices

Available in Pineapple and Ginger, Pineapple and multi-fruit cocktail flavours.