SAMBA Foods has a large customer base which has grown over the years from the inception of the business when the popular SAMBA Hot pepper sauce was marketed mainly to the student population at both the secondary and tertiary level. The brand has grown and developed in popularity to an increasing and diversified customer base, which includes some demand from clients in the Diasporas. The Company currently has some restaurants and institutions as clients and in addition sells its products to smaller retail and distribution outlets, shops, convenient stores, grocery stores and malls.

Some of the Company’s clients include the following:

Ghana Armed Forces Supply Depot Pepper powder, Fresh Groundnuts, Groundnut Paste
Ghana Armed Forces Peace Keeping Operations Groundnut Paste, Groundnuts
Unilever Ghana limited /Ghana Textile Printing Company Groundnut, Pepper Powder, Egushie
Cocoa Processing Company Groundnut Paste for Choco Delight/Fresh Groundnut for sugar pebbles
Kentucky Fried Chicken /YUM Restaurants Shito, Ketchup, Vinegar, Mustard Sauce