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We are committed to building a world-class food experience, to nourish, enrich, and delight the taste buds of Ghana and beyond.


The vision statement of SAMBA Foods is with our superior ability, our core values and our experience in food processing and food innovations, we excel and expand to new segments with excellent quality and exceptional value in the food industry and beyond.

SAMBA Foods Limited is a wholly Ghanaian owned indigenous food processing and preservation business specializing in the condiments and seasoning market based in Tema in the Greater Accra Region of Ghana. SAMBA was incorporated on September 10, 1993 under the Companies Act with registration number C-51,538 and commenced business on May 30, 1994. The Company under the brand name SAMBA has evolved to focus on the production of ready-to-eat convenience foods of Ghanaian origin, and was the first to commercialize the production and distribution of the local traditional pepper sauce known as SHITO.

The business which started as a micro-enterprise initiative in 1993 has successfully been developed into a major player in the processed foods industry with a broad range of high quality food products to its name, SAMBA Foods is a member of the Association of Ghana Industries (AGI).

The Company was founded by the Sole Shareholder. By a special resolution dated 28th October 2014, the company was converted from a private limited liability company to a public limited liability company and adopted new Regulations. SAMBA Foods current food production and processing facility is located within the West Coast Dyeing Industries compound, Heavy Industrial Area, Tema.


Operating Licenses

SAMBA Foods currently operates as a food processing and import and export company, as such the business of dealing with the production and handling of food comes with various stringent health and environmental requirements as well as food and safety certifications with the main aim of protecting the consuming public. Below are a list of the various licenses and certifications procured by SAMBA Foods:

  • YUMS Certification
  • FDA product registration in respect of the SAMBA Foods KFC pepper sauce dated 24 July 2014;
  • Fire Certificate issued by the Ghana National Fire Service dated June 30, 2014
  • SAMBA Foods environmental permit issued by the EPA dated 23, July 2014;
  • Certificate of registration of SAMBA Foods with the Factories Inspectorate, issued by the Chief Inspector of Factories under the Factories Offices and Shops Act 1970 (Act 328) date march 26, 2014.

Business Policy

The Company is committed to the production of safe and wholesome packaged food. The production process shall incorporate all aspects of HACCP such that the packaged food can be certified as wholesome for human consumption. The Company complies with all food safety requirements of statutory and regulatory bodies such as the FDA, the GSA and other bodies which are mandated by law to ensure food safety