Kpakpo Shito Paste

  • It is an aromatic and flavourful blend of farm fresh scotch bonnet pepper mixed with a selection of spices and seasoning.
  • It gives you the unique flavour when used as a marinated cooking sauce and also as a dip sauce
  • Very nutritious and ready to eat with variety of foods.

Available in Jars and Squeeze Bottles

Kpakpo Shito Squeeze Bottle

Samba Specials

Samba Shito ‘vegetarian’

sizes: 300, 350, 500, 20 grams

Kpakpo shito

sizes: 300, 350, 500 grams

Samba Shito Original

sizes: 300, 350, 500 grams

shito bottles
sachet shito
shito bottles

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Samba Shito Original is the Best Quality shito in Ghana made from fresh handpicked scotch bonnet pepper blended with a selection of variousĀ  spices, used to generate rich aroma and perfect taste.